Sweet Newborn Beginnings

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Newborn Portrait Session with this lovely little lady.

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Sweet Newborn Beginnings: Isn’t she lovely!? Once in a while, when your newborn baby sleeps, you can’t help but gaze at all the details. Those tiny little lashes. Her rose lips and sweet chunky cheeks. I love the rolls and dimpled hands with the cutest little fingers and nails. Hairlines are all unique, like thumbprints. Beauty and simplicity are all wrapped up in the most amazing little human. Capturing a portrait of your precious baby is one of the things that I know will keep your memories alive for certain.

If you think about the pictures that are most important to you as an adult. I would venture to guess that they include people in your life that you love the most, or who love you the most. Any picture is a treasure, but to have a professional portrait that shows the details is even better! Imagine when your baby is grown and wants to look back and share pictures with all the details. She can if you take the time to capture them. The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” really is true, as cliche as it is, the truth of it can’t be missed. Book Now!! Don’t Wait! Her Sweet Beginnings should be remembered.

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