Big Brother Status!

Big Brother with newborn sister

If your little boy or girl is about to become a sibling, well that is a big deal. Big Brother Status should be celebrated! Mark their new status with a portrait session. These precious memories deserve a place in history with pictures to look back on and share for the future.

Big brother status in pictures!! This little guy loves his sister. He was so gentle and careful with her. He loved playing with the legos I have in my studio. While it was his sister’s turn to take pictures, he enjoyed building towers and creating little spaces for the Lego dog to hang out in.

Wrapping and settling a newborn baby takes practice and a lot of patience. This little sweetie slumbered easily and we were able to capture some wonderful images for her parents. Don’t you love the color palette her momma chose? The coordinated colors look great on her brother too!

Big Brother Moments Are Important

I love having siblings come into my studio. It is such an important moment for the new big brother or sister. They love the Big Brother Status or Big Sister Status! I make it a special event, posing them together safely and cutely. I love bringing out the personalities of each child. It is a fun experience for everyone, often with laughter and singing.

If you are wondering, pictures of your children with you loving them, playing with them, and holding them are so important! One day, they will look for those pictures. The heritage you leave behind in pictures is priceless! No matter the age, a child should be photographed so they have something to remember you with. Indoors or out! Get professionally captured pictures for your family’s story.

I look back and try to remember my Mom loving me. I don’t have only one picture of us together when I was little. There are a few of me by myself, and a few of me with my whole family, but none of my Mom holding me, kissing me, or tickling me. How sad is that? I came across a blog called The Homegrown Apple. I think it would be a great idea to find a place like they did, outside, in the woods, on a farm, or around your own home to create a photo memory with a professional photographer who understands the importance of your memories and your children’s memories and wants to help you save them. While you’re at it, consider creating memories with your kids outside by planting, birding, and enjoying nature together.

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