It was like herding cats – But oh so worth it!

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Three little kittens from and four-year-old Erin came into the studio for a model call photo session. The plan was to capture her having tea with a kitten/s and other set-ups. Erin went directly to my client’s closet dresses exclaiming “oooh pretty!” She changed into the pretty summer dress that we started with. She loved it. Then we moved into the blue puff-sleeved dress. We got the tea cups ready, filling them with water.

Luckily after a little time, one of the kittens was thirsty and I was able to capture the sweet image in this blog post. There are so many more!! It was so much fun just watching the interaction between Erin and the kittens. She moved on to the baby doll and other fun props I had in the studio.

Working with a model that is this young is truly just plain fun. We played house with stuffed bears and a doll on a doll bed. Erin went from modeling to playing throughout the session which is the way I roll. I love to make the session memorable and fun for everyone as much as possible. I appreciated that her mom was willing to help and of course, I was so happy to have the kittens and Mandy who worked hard to get them posed, safe and happy.

Kittens Ready for Adoption! See blog post for link.

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