Fine Art – Children

Fine Art, girl, flowers, pouty, floral crown, yellow, yellow dress, art,

When I started prepping for this session, I had several dresses picked out and a simple backdrop hung. I thought about what a three-year-old can handle and went with “less is more” Once the session began, I quickly realized that she was going to be moving a lot! So, I played some music and just had fun letting her dance and twirl and play. I am so happy I went in the direction I did. Trying to pose a toddler is like herding cats. Really! Playing and sharing ideas and fun is the best way to get natural and beautiful moments captured. Here is what I captured.

Want to know how? I gave her the flowers and asked her to sit for a moment. Then, I told her, that as soon as the light flashed, she can throw the flowers. She did!!! What fun we had dancing and twirling and laughing.


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